It Takes A Village to Raise A Child

A Message from the PS/ES Principal

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb from Nigeria that shares the belief that an entire community of people must interact with and support a child, for that child to develop, learn and grow to their potential in a safe and healthy environment.

All strong Villages, or communities have certain things in common – they are well connected, collaborative, responsive and committed to a meaningful common purpose. ASV is such a ‘Village’… a community of teachers and parents committed to the important mission of supporting each child in our care, while working to inspire and support each other to meet our mission.

“The American School of Valencia prepares globally-conscious, life-long learners in an innovative, collaborative, and caring environment”.

By providing a Village approach to supporting our students, ASV ensures that each child is cared for and known. Each student has the opportunity to develop different and strong relationships with both peers and teachers. Our Village provides a comprehensive approach to providing each child with the physical experiences, academic opportunities and social-emotional programming needed for them to explore, spread their wings, take risks, make mistakes, learn and move along their learning journey within a safe, caring environment. Each child not only receives the support of others, but contributes their unique talents, gifts and care to our Village.

Our ASV Village is also here to support parents. Parenting can be difficult! Raising children within an international setting, far from close relatives or familiar places can be equally difficult and rewarding. Parents within our Village have the full support of other parents and together with our educational experts, they freely share their insights, hopes and dreams to help others navigate this journey with their child.

Our parents contribute through serving individually and collectively. Whether you put effort into serving as a Parent Delegate, Board Member, after-school tutor, volunteer or someone who simply helps support your child from home…thank you. Thank you for being an intricate and important part of what makes our ASV Village such a unique and special place to raise a child!

Dr. Yolanda Murphy-Barrena

Preschool and Elementary School Principal

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