It is great to see you here! Overview of the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017

Although each school division has its specific proceedings, this first two days of the school year the entire ASV faculty worked with a common goal: give a warm welcome to all of the students and make sure they start the the school year full of excitement and joy.

Families with children in Preschool had their specific orientation meetings on Wednesday and, as it is usual, Nursery and PK1 are starting the school gradually.

Elementary students used the first day to get familiar with their new classmates and teachers. 1st and 2nd graders could see that their area significantly changed during the summer holidays! They also participated in a welcome assembly leaded by the new Principal, Dr. Ann C. Kox.

The first period for High School was addressed to meet their new advisory group and receive the lockers. After that, they started to work on their specific courses. Today they were invited to enjoy a scavenger hunt around the school campus.
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