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iPad Integration in the Grade 6 Learning Curriculum

As it was previously announced in July 2022 during the Annual Parent Meeting, the school is integrating the use of iPads into the Middle School curriculum. This project started with Grade 6 in September 2022 and will enhance learning, integrate technology into the curriculum and align with Sustainable Development Goals of paper and printing reduction.

Grade 6 students are earning the privilege of using a device through a badging program. On September 29, they participated in an assembly on how to take care of an iPad. Now they will take a test on the contents of the ASV iPad Agreement which was sent home for parents and students to sign. Passing the test will award them with their first badge: iCare. The other two badges are related to Digital Citizenship: Being Balanced and Online Safety.

The device will be returned in June. By continuing the program in September 2023 and September 2024, all Middle School grades will achieve a completely deployed 1:1 program in three years.

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