Introducing the ASV Friendship Week

Friends and the ability to make friends are an important part of a child’s development and play an important role in adulthood.  Most of us have one or more friends who we spend time with.  Friends are those who know us better than others, who are there when the need arises,  and who appreciate our uniqueness and accept our weaknesses. Friends are those we can count on to celebrate our successes and support us through our misfortunes. Friendship multiplies our joy and divides our grief.

Friendship is like a tree. It is  born from a small seed, sometimes born of coincidence – at the right place and right time an event happens, or a conversation starts, and the connection begins. In the soil you can find:  mutual likes and preferences, trust, honesty, support and encouragement among many more. Regular care allow the relationship to grow stronger and bigger, like a tree. It can also sprout new branches that grow into new friends. The key to achieve an everlasting tree, or a lifelong friendship, is to water regularly with kindness, respect and responsibility, which feed the roots of the ASV Core Values.

At ASV we are fortunate to witness the birth and growth of many friendships and we would like to celebrate this during Friendship Week. There will be different activities for our students, but we also will celebrate the value with our whole community. Visit the school campus or follow our activities through social media.

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