Introducing New Homeroom Teachers in Elementary School

We would like to welcome to the Elementary School community all of our new educators who will serve as new homeroom teachers this year. We are very lucky to have this highly experienced and international cohort of new educators joining us! They are Ms. Escobar, Ms. Sabin and Ms. Navarro, in Grade 1; Ms. Iglesias and Ms. Gersh in Grade 2; Ms. González and Ms. Liptzin in Grade 3; and Ms. Quilis in Grade 5.

We are also pleased to introduce our two new Performing Arts Teachers. They are Mr. Marco for PreKinder 1 to Grade 3 and Ms. Carveth who will be teaching Grades 4 and 5. We look forward to all of the wonderful new things students will be learning under their guidance!

Due to the stable group protocol and the number of enrolled students, Elementary School is structured in three cohorts per grade level in Grades 1-3 and two cohorts in Grades 4-5.

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