Into the Everglades. Updates from Our Students in Naples

Dr. Eric G. Johnson, Upper School Dean of Academics at the Community School of Naples, sent us this report of the ASV students visiting the Everglades. Read here his texts and find some pictures of this exciting field trip.


On a chilly Friday morning, our ASV students embarked a CSN school bus and made their way toward the Everglades. To give them a taste of true Americana, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for a hearty breakfast of biscuits and pancakes, both of which were big hits. Several of their eyes got quite large when their breakfasts arrived, including one pancake dish that was covered in whipped cream. Welcome to America!

After a filling breakfast, we made our way further south until we reached Wooten’s, where we proceeded to see plenty of alligators and other animals of southwest Florida. Along with an informational animal show featuring a large alligator, our Valencian guests were able to hold a baby alligator, which resulted in plenty of excitement and some nervous shrieks. Don’t worry, no fingers were lost on our trip!

Finally, we boarded an airboat and took a 30 minute ride through the swamps, where we saw plenty of Mangrove trees, birds, and some more alligators. Students had a great time as the wind whipped through their hair and water misted their face.

In all, it was a great trip for our guests, as they were able to see an ecosystem unlike anywhere else in the world. Stay tuned for further updates, including our trip to visit FGCU on Wednesday!

Dr. Eric G. Johnson.

Students in NaplesStudents in Naples Students in Naples

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