Individual Oral Activities in Grade 12 IB

Grade 12 IB students studying the IB Diploma prepared for and participated in their Individual Oral (IO), which is an internal assessment for the English diploma course. This is an official assessment that is sent to the IB, accounting for 30-40% of the students’ end mark.

In this assessment, students are asked to explore a global issue through the lens of a literary and non-literary text, respectively. In examining the texts, students draw conclusions about how content and form work to bring awareness and/or critique the global issue.

While the assessment is prepared and practiced ahead of time, students are only permitted to bring an outline consisting of ten bullet-points and a clean copy of their texts. “The orals presented by this cohort (the first to present this assessment with the IBO curricular changes) have impressed me with their authenticity and sophistication,” Ms. KyleAnne Kiraly commented. “Students’ critical examination of the global issues certainly reinforce how perceptive they are of the world around them and their insatiable desire to improve it.”

Two ASV Teachers Have Been Selected as IB Examiners

Ms. Amanda Bird and Ms. Elena Martí have been selected as official examiners of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. After applying for these positions, the IBO has revised their professional profile and they have been selected to correct final exams of the IB program.

Ms. Bird will assess exams of the English A course and Ms. Martí exams of French B course.

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