Inclusion Leadership Conference

On February 8 and 9, 2020, ASV hosted an Inclusion Leadership Conference for guidance counselors and educators.  Dr. Lee Ann Jung, a renowned specialist on inclusion, standards-based learning, and interdisciplinary support, conducted the conference. According to Dr. Jung, the goal of this workshop was “to think about inclusion and how we can design our curriculum to meet the needs of the students.”

The identity and roles of different educators were key factors at the conference. Throughout these two days, participants developed the conclusion that “all of the school community benefits from the expertise of learning support as they are the specialists who support the teachers on designing an instruction that meets everyone’s needs” added Dr. Jung.

Mr. Richard Albiñana, one of the ASV Guidance Counselors attending the conference, shared his excitement by remarking that participants had a chance to collaborate and exchange best practices: “The workshop left lots of food for thought and I look forward to implementing some of the ideas into my daily practice,” Mr. Albiñana said.

The event welcomed 20 educators working in international schools in Spain, France, Denmark, Bulgaria, and Romania.

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