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In Loving Memory of Ms. Vicki Saus

Ms. Vicki Saus

Our school suffered a great loss this week with the passing of Ms. Vicki Saus Mariblanca, a long-time ASV Assistant, a much loved, admired and well-respected educator, as well as a loving friend to all. Ms. Vicki was a highly valued member of our ASV family since 1986, and she will be missed more than words can express by all who knew her.

Since the school announced the passing of Ms. Vicki, many families have sent messages of condolences or have shared memories of their relations with her in Preschool. On Friday, on the occasion of the Preschool Carnival, staff members wore a special pin to make Carnival a tribute to their colleague. Ms. Vicki especially enjoyed this annual event.

Thank you for your support and empathy during these days.

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