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IMMC Mathematical Competition

ASV Students Qualified for the first time for the International Challenge!

ASV students are at the top of the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IMMC). After two years of having students competing in the national phase, this is the first time our ASV team has qualified for the international challenge! The work completed before Spring Break has been reviewed and selected as one of the best two modeling solutions submitted by school teams in Spain.

The ASV team is made of four students in Grade 11: Danila K., Héctor F., Pablo C., and Luca G. They received the modeling question in March and prepared the answer during a two-day workshop held on April 11 and 12, 2022. “Participants must interpret a real-life situation in mathematical language and try to simulate what happens,” Danila K. described. “The situation in this stage was plane boarding and deboarding strategies in an airport,” he specifies.

IMMC is a mathematical challenge addressed to students in High School interested in the use of mathematics to solve real-life problems.

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