Teachers, students and visitors crossing the school atrium will find the final exhibition of the IB Visual Arts course. Since Tuesday, April 14, 2015 we can meet there artwork and paintings made by 12th graders Valeriya Zenina and Birnir Sigurdarson. HIgh School Art teacher, Ms. Jackie Paarhuis, introduced the exhibition explaining that “part of this course is to assess a final exhibition of between 12 and 18 works. Paintings on display are combinations of two years work and we can see an advance from the first paintings to the last paintings, and the progress they made.”

On Wednesday Valeriya and Birnir visited the exhibition with some of their classmates. Ms. Jackie thinks that taking Visual Arts in IB is a complement for their education, regardless if students take an artistic degree after their graduation: “IB encourages diversity and Visual Arts is an interesting election, different from other subjects.”