IB Students Faced the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Internal Assessments

On March 23, the students in Grade 12 completed their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Internal Assessments (IA) which consist of a presentation about a knowledge issue or problem to their peers. Generally the knowledge in question begins with inspiration from the real world and this year students were entertaining such topics as “the quickening of the 4th industrialization” or “knowledge used in virtual spaces vs knowledge used in real physical spaces”.

As a purely epistemological endeavor TOK students are asked to critically think about and reflect on knowledge questions that most often do not lead to an answer in the absolute sense but rather the understanding of multiple perspectives on real world issues.

The two year TOK course allows for the individual student to flex their ‘intellectual muscles’ so to speak in this unique format where they get to ‘hold court’ on certain issues and provoke critical thinking within their peer group.  “The proverbial head scratching is quite often seen as a healthy reaction in demonstrating open mindedness, perhaps the highest ranking IB learner profile attribute in the TOK world,” Mr. Marc Boyer, TOK teacher, comments.

Congratulations to all IB Seniors (Grade 12) for their efforts in completing this TOK IA while demonstrating the utmost of academic maturity.

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