HS Spanish Department Organized a Poetry Recital

The students in grade 9 organized this week a poetry recital where two renowned Spanish actors, María Adánez and José Manuel Seda, participated reading poems written by Spanish and Latin American authors. The High School Spanish department coordinated the activity, leaded by the ASV teacher Juanma Juliá, who wished to show in a practical way how literature keeps alive throughout the time: “Students usually ask what is literature for and I thought that listening to two professional actors, who they know from theater and TV, was a good way to proof it .”

The recital was held on the ASV theater on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, from 12 to 13 hours, and started with texts made by 9th graders during a writing workshop lead by Mr. Juliá during the second term of the school year. “We studied the concept of haikus and short stories, and we used Twitter as a reference for ideas, as well as a good tool to practice their writing limited to 140 characters. We also established the relation with sintaxis”, our teacher said.

The invitation to María Adánez and José Manuel Seda remained hidden until the last week: “I could keep it secret but 9th graders had rehearsals, so I had to told them.” When reviewing the result of the show Mr. Juliá added that “everybody enjoyed the recital and many students told me that it was really emotional and they will never forget it.”

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