Hockey gathering for ASV+ players, local schools and CH Xaloc teams

The ASV Athletic Center hosted on Saturday, November 16, 2019, five games of the FHCV U10 Indoor Hockey League.  On the occasion of this event there was a gathering for ASV+ hockey players from grades 1 through 5 and three other teams representing local schools -CEIP Russafa and CEIP Lluís de Santangel- as well as the Xaloc Hockey Club U.

“By combining both events, ASV+ students and their families can see how is the official hockey competition in Valencia, ASV+ coach Raúl Gómez describes.  Ten teams including the U10 (alevín) Xaloc HC played the FHCV games; three ASV+ students in Grade 3 were part of Xaloc’s roster as this year they have the opportunity to train at ASV and play the regular season with the grana team.

“We had an outstanding turnout at the event.  Children have played on the same court senior and junior players regularly use and I think that their families were delighted with the atmosphere and the comfort of the ASV facilities” coach Gómez comments.  In total, 45 children participated and 26 were ASV+ students registered in the field hockey activity this year.  Children being 6 and 7 years old played 3 vs. 3 mini-games; players being 8 and 9 played three games per team.

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