High School Yearbooks are Here!

Senior students who purchased the High School Yearbook 2016-2017 received their books this week. The yearbook team will complete the distribution to students in grades 6-10 on Tuesday, May 23, during the morning break and the ASV+ time (14 -15 h).

As you may know, this project has been coordinated by Ms. Julie Murphy, and the four students taking the ASV+ activity Journalism: Lucía González, Elizabeth Morales, Julia Giménez y Abby Finn. Our communications coordinator contributed by taking the student portraits and other tasks.

The work has been outstanding. Everything started in October by choosing the approach on contents and visual design. In December Ms. Murphy and her girls started using Avenue, an online design solution made by the American company Jostens. “This was the first year any of us ever used the program halfway through the year and our deadline was the first week of April”, Ms. Murphy explained. “Needless to say this was a challenge. But it was a challenge that these four bright young individuals took on with immense passion and determination”, she added highlighting the amazing job of the students.

Now is time to enjoy the result. Well done!

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