High School Student Interviewed by the UN Communications Service

Anneefleur Bruin, a Grade 10 student, was interviewed today by the United Nations (UN) Communications Office at the ASV school campus. Miss Bruin will be featured in a UN video news report highlighting “Brave Men, Brave Souls”, her song paying tribute to the United Nations peacekeepers, the Blue Helmets.

Miss Bruin composed this song in May 2016 before a performance of the ASV High School music class at the UN Support Base in Valencia on the occasion of the UN International Peacekeeper’s Day. “I had the idea of preparing for the performance, which I shared with our music teacher, Ms. Leah Roblin. Then, I researched UN peace missions, and I decided that the song should reflect their work”, she explained during the interview.

A few months later, she recorded “Brave Men, Brave Souls”, at a local studio, Cut Records, and edited a video with official UN audiovisual resources. The UN communications unit in Southern Europe (based in Brindisi, Italy) found her message and the visual look of the work so interesting that they decided to film this video report about her work, which will be shown soon by the UN Service of Public Information.

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