High School Service Activities

At ASV we believe community service is central to our mission. Throughout the school year there are a number of opportunities for students to participate in community service activities. Some of these opportunities involve whole school action, such as our festive food drives for local organizations, others are grade specific or outside the school day and involve smaller groups of students.

Here are a few opportunities high school students can participate in this school year.

  • Reading buddies – Students may use their study halls or park times to support literacy development with elementary students.
  • Sandwich Run-In 2013, as a result of experience helping with a soup kitchen, students and faculty started an ASV Sandwich Run aimed at providing a nourishing afternoon meal to people parking cars on the Alameda, Valencia. The goals are to develop and demonstrate empathy to those in need, through the direct act of offering food to someone, and to learn more about the experiences of recent immigrants and people in need. Now in its third year it is a largely student-run activity. Grade 11 and 12 students buy, prepare and deliver the food.
  • PASALO Puzol ( – We support this local community initiative as a whole school through a festive food campaign in December in which students prepare Christmas boxes for families in need. Through this organization there are opportunities for students to assist in their afterschool program supporting younger students with homework and of course English language learning.
  • Kapita School ( – Although a largely elementary project, high school students can offer to assist Ms. Julianne in actions to support the project.
  • SOS Sagunto ( – Students both visit the dog shelter to meet and play with the dogs as well as organizing snack sales to raise funds for medical supplies. Visits to the shelter occur on Friday’s after school from 17:00 – 19:00. Students need their own transport to the shelter and should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Create for Children ( – a Valencian NGO supporting children in need in the community. Through this organization Grade 10 – 12 students organize activity days for the children in a residential children’s home in Gandia. Food, clothes, games and school supplies are collected for the home.

If you wish to know more about the Community Service activities students can get involved in please contact Jackie Paarhuis.

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