High School Parents’ Night

On Thursday, September 25, 2014, High School held the High School Parents’ Night, an annual event at which the school goals are presented and families have the opportunity to meet the teachers and learn about the academic expectations. The evening concluded with refreshments in the new Dining Hall.

Director Michael Smith opened his speech highlighting the recent results in Selectividad (the highest achieved in Valencia this year and the best in the history of ASV ) and in the IB Diploma exams (above the international average).

After his speech, Assistant Director and High School Principal Ms. Robyn Chapel presented the ASV mission and ASV profile of the graduate as a common framework for each school initiative. “All we do at ASV is connected to these goals”, Ms. Chapel declared, “and as we understand student’s education as a comprehensive process in which we seek to develop the whole person”. The school also develops “a positive learning environment throughout the Classroom and Common Areas Commitments”, she explained.

“We are also pleased to introduce you the renovation of the school lunchroom and the opening of Visions Café”, director Smith announced when he presented the two major campus improvements. In addition to this, High School parents also learned about the new after-school activities program called ASV2 in which students can participate in a sports team or the Robotics team or develop their skills in guitar.

Following a schedule arranged by grade level, parents attended teacher presentations in which they learned about the curriculum and academic expectations and how to support their child.

Parents’ NightParents’ NightParents’ Night


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