Great Season for the Grades 3-4 Basketball Team

American School of Valencia works to ensure that all the ASV+ teams play friendly matches to complete their trainings with the experience of the competition. However, in some activities it is possible to find local inter-school tournaments in which our players enjoy the thrill of a regular competition. In  September Ms Casas contacts all the families and offers the possibility of their child enrolling in the Valencia Fundación Deportiva Municipal League for Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball. This has been our third year competing in Hockey and Basketball and it’s the first time we have had our young student-athletescompeting in the Basketball league.

The ASV U10 team is made up by a large group of 3rd and 4th graders enrolled in the ASV+ basketball activity. Their games usually take place on Friday or Saturday. Mr. Fernández or Ms. Soucase coach and supervise them.

The league has recently completed the first leg and the ASV team has shown a great level of game and skills  and is still undefeated. More important than the results is the constant sportsmanship, camaraderie and respect that players show every week. In addition, they have spread their enthusiasm to families, who do not miss the games and take turns to prepare a welcome snack for the visiting team when they come to ASV facility. Since October in every game the hosting team prepares the snack for the visiting team, this had never happened in this league and all the schools are loving this initiative.

Students Say…

It’s very fun, we like playing against other people.

We also see that there are a lot of girls, not only boy, playing basketball.

It is fun to play versus other teams… And it is fun to win!

We need to practice more, we just practice two days.

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