This journalist and writer visited ASV on Friday, April 20, 2018, to talk about his book “El meu nom no és Irina” (My name is not Irina) with the students in Grade 9. These classes have been reading the novel in the Valenciano course taught by Ms. Empar Margaix. Mr. Aliaga started describing the planning stage of the book and how he built the story. Then students asked varied questions about the evolution of the characters, their preferred part, or which literary and cultural references were able to identify.

The author also talked about other recent books, and how “El meu nom no és Irina” is still being presented in schools five years after the first edition: “I am really surprised with the good response among young readers. Irina does not looks like the usual teenager book. When I was writing I wanted to create a complex story: it does not have a straight plot line, it does not have a simple conflict, and there are many different characters, compared to other books”, he explained.