Grade 5 and Kinder Celebrations

The three Grade 5 classes took part on Friday, June 11, 2021 in a lovely celebration of their transition to Middle School. There was a shared ceremony in the school theater, and each group participated with physical distancing measures. Families were able to follow through live streaming thanks to the technical support from the ASV IT Department.

Dr. Murphy-Barrena, our Elementary School Principal, congratulated Grade 5 students for the end of this stage in their academic life. Grade 5 homeroom teachers also shared their joy for having supported these students in their growth as learners. There was a pre-recorded music performance prepared by Ms. Ortiz, an ASV music teacher, and three group photos outside. Congratulations to all of the Grade 5 students and their families, and get ready through the summer for the start of Grade 6 in September 2021.

Kinder Celebration

Kinder classes celebrated the end of Preschool by holding three separate graduation ceremonies in the school theater on Friday, June 11, 2021. Parents followed them thanks to a life streaming for each class.

Students performed a cheerful song about their experiences in Kinder and received diplomas. Kinder students also had individual portraits taken. Congratulations and welcome to Grade 1 in September 2021! The journey begins anew you enter Elementary School.

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