Students learning Chinese Chess

Grade 4 Language Lab Welcomes Chinese Chess and an introduction to Farsi

Over the past few weeks, Grade 4 Language Lab, an extracurricular club that meets during lunchtime park, was able to explore Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) and learn a bit about the Farsi alphabet. Students were challenged by the different alphabetic systems and enjoyed engaging in questions about how they were different and similar to English and other languages they knew. “I wonder how, in the beginning, people decided to write either from right to left or from left to right!” Nora, a 4 White student, pondered.

“We were immensely lucky to have parents from our class volunteer to share their cultures and languages with us this school year!” remarked Ms. Ramírez, the Grade 4 Blue teacher. “I hope we can continue and expand our Language Lab next year!”

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