Grade 4 Field Trip to Picaio Mountain

After completing the units on mountains, volcanoes and rocks, Grade 4 teachers planned a hiking Field Trip up the mountain near the school so students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge. The destination was the dirt path connecting the upper side of Los Monasterios and the top of Picaio Mountain, where there is a wide crossroad with great views over Sagunto, Puçol, and the Mediterranean Sea.

“In addition to those views, the place showcases all that we have been learning about rocks, minerals, erosion and landscapes,” Ms. Megan and Ms. Abigail remarked. “Students were given a small learning packet to complete observations and connect what they have learned in class,” the teachers said. “They noticed the difference between the rocks in the lower areas and the top part of the peak”.

Picaio is part of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park. It is a small mountain (360 m. over sea level) but it is the closest peak to the Mediterranean Sea and it is quite steep and is full of loose rocks on its south and east sides.

The field trip has provided an opportunity to interconnect learning in Science, Social Studies, and Language Learning. “As part of the unit on journalism, 4B wrote up our adventure in the form of a news story. We made sure to think of a catchy title, tell the 5Ws and H right at the beginning, include important information and quotes, and conclude with a final thought,” Ms. Abigail concludes.

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