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Grade 4 Discussed on Water Scarcity

In Grade 4, the first Social Studies Unit focuses on water scarcity and what everyone can do about this global issue. Students began the inquiry study with an activity to highlight the lack of availability of clean drinking water in many countries around the world.

“Each student was given a country with a number that represented the percentage of people who could access clean water on a regular basis,” Ms. Abigail Ramirez says. Then, each group was given a representation of that water: “An 8 liter jug of clean water for the groups with high percentages and some small bottles for the middle group. The last group simulated having to travel a long distance and went down the hall to find a pan of water with some dirt floating inside,” Ms. Ramirez describes.

The need to do something about this problem was clear to everyone. “We will spend the remainder of the unit researching and finding ways to create positive change in this area both as a school community and on the global scale,” our teacher announces.

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