Grade 11 Shows Effort As They Face First IB Internal Assessment

The IB Grade 11 class was called last week to perform the task know as FOA (Further Oral Activity), one of their milestones in the English A: Language & Literature course during the second term.

In FOAs students are asked to conduct an activity based on the use of spoken language (a presentation, a debate, a speech…) to demonstrate their understanding of how language is used and the effects it has on the audience. In these presentations, students are expected to show that they have achieved the learning outcomes of Part 1 of the course. This year, participants based their critical analysis on three topics: Language & Laughter, Language & Power, and Language & Gender. From there, students choose a text to analyze and demonstrate their analysis and understanding through a creative oral presentation.. Some examples of what students did this time around are debates, TedTalks, interviews, reenacting scenes, and speeches.

“FOA’s require a great deal of dedication for the students as they are created completely outside of class time. Students have to find something they are interested in and motivated to work on to gain a deeper understanding of the topics studied in the course. This years 11th grade IB group did a great job with their first Internal Assessment and they should be proud of themselves,” Ms. Amanda Bird said about the previous work.

FOAs require hard work, with preliminary discussions with the teacher, scripting, and a visually and linguistically  powerful presentation. This first Internal Assessment for 11th grade IB students focused on Part 1 of the IB English A course: Language in a Cultural Context. The week before the Winter Break Grade 12 IB students will have their own presentations.

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