Grade 11 Science

Final Results of SWICEU Antibiotics Project

TheGrade 11 Biology students culminated their search for new antibiotics within the Small World Initiative in collaboration with CEU-Cardenal Herrera this Thursday. They looked for evidence of antibiotic production in the cultures prepared by them last Monday, and obtained several promising samples showing antibiosis that were isolated for further study.

“The students showed great enthusiasm throughout the five sessions conducted, and really enjoyed the experience of participating in such an enriching and globally-relevant investigation,” Ms. Carolina Nonay commented on.

This was the fourth edition of SWI CEU.  Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SWI CEU team has been able to involve three schools in Valencia including ASV, where the activity is offered to students following Science courses in Grade 11.  In addition to the lab practices, students learn more about research in life sciences and contribute to raise awareness about the increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics.

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