Grade 10 German Class Leads “Pollution Week”

Grades 9 through 12 have joined an environmental campaign led by the Grade 10 German Class. Ms. Farkas’ students designed the activity as a participative campaign where all of the High School students were invited to think about saving energy and reducing the use of paper and plastics. All of the informative materials were distributed in two languages: German and English.

“Awareness” was the main goal of the campaign, Ms. Farkas pointed out. “We all have a responsibility in this and we can help by changing small things we do every day such as using less plastic, less paper, or using the lights or the air conditioner just when it is necessary,” one student explained.“We improved in the use of specific vocabulary and we learned some German expressions we were not familiar with,” another member of the group concludes.

The Pollution Week campaign included an “Electricity Day”, a “Paper Day, a “Plastic Day”, and the “Motivation Day”, an event in which each class was invited to create their own environmental slogan.  Additionally, on Friday there was a clean challenge in the school parks. “Students and advisors have been eager to participate,” they remark.  The campaign will conclude this week.

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