Grade 1 student reading

Grade 1 Shows their Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals

After visiting Grade 10’s Sustainability Summit, Grade 1 created “All about books” on one Sustainable Development Goal of their choice. The Grade 1 students worked hard to learn more about their goals through reading and talking with classmates. When creating the “about books”, the Grade 1 students researched and wrote about the issue, how it affects communities, and what solutions are available to address the problem. An illustration accompanied each page.

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, the Grade 10 students visited the Grade 1 classrooms for their micro summit. The older students listened intently while the Grade 1 students confidently shared their findings. The older students were supportive, asking questions that encouraged the younger students to talk more about their goal as well as praise them for all of their hard work. Ms. Kiraly, the Grade 10 English teacher, reflects on the experience: “As a teacher, it was beautiful to see the community that was created around bringing awareness to these goals.”

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