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Good bye, Mr. Rademaker and Mr. Wells!

The Elementary School community says goodbye to Mr. Bruce Rademaker and Mr. Nick Wells from the University of Kentucky, the American student-teachers who have completed their required professional practicum from October to December 2023. After eight weeks supporting our teachers and learning in a school environment, they now return to the United States to graduate.

In their last week, Mr. Rademaker and Mr. Wells prepared a shared learning activity for the two classes in which they have been integrated (Grade 5 Blue and Grade 2 White). All together, sharing for a moment the same classroom, students paired and shared things they have in common despite the age difference. Then they created a picture inside the letters of the Elementary School motto: Better Together.

Both student-teachers had positive comments about their time at ASV. Mr. Wells stated that it was “awesome” and that the ASV staff made him feel comfortable. Mr. Rademaker echoed this sentiment and added that his experience in Grade 5 has been the favorite among the three practicums completed during his degree. They are excited to graduate in December and pursue their careers in education.

Thank you Mr. Rademaker and Mr. Wells for sharing this time with us at ASV, and thank you to the University of Kentucky’s College of Education for their ongoing collaboration with ASV since 2015.

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