From Tuesday to Thursday of last week, the High School Counselor, Ms. Cinosi, represented ASV at the Council of International Schools (CIS) Global Forum for University Admissions held in Bilbao. The event attracted 474 university representatives and almost an equal number of school counselors originating from 84 countries.
Ms. Cinosi had the opportunity to share information about ASV’s unique school community, such as its student population, rigorous IB curriculum and grading practices. Even more beneficial were targeted conversations she could have advocating on behalf of ASV seniors who had sent or were sending applications to several of the universities this fall.
The CIS Global Forum was preceded by a university admissions fair in Madrid attended by 9 ASV grade 11 students. The juniors had the chance to talk with admissions officials representing over 100 universities, mostly from Europe and North America. We encourage high school parents to contact Ms. Cinosi regarding all matters related to the university admissions process.