Global Collaborative Writing Project

Nine students from grade 9, 10 and 11 have been selected to take part in NarraDOS, an international collaborative writing project in which students interact and create online to produce stories. “The goal is to write stories with other students in Italy, France, England and other countries”, explained Spanish teacher Juan Manuel Juliá who has taken the lead in organizing the project.

Throughout this month, “students will create avatars or virtual identities on the online platform we will use for meeting and interacting”, Mr. Juliá added. “Then, we will create our text using the technique of linked stories.”

The ASV students participating are Julia Murphy, Celia Sorzano and Javier García (grade 11); Vicente Fuster, Ana Sancho, Pablo Remohí and José Torres (grade 10); and Eric Martí, Elia Domínguez, Rafael Petorius and Pablo Molina (grade 9). Students were selected to participate based on the quality of a creative piece they presented to the Spanish department.

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