Overview of ASV Science Lab

Final Results of SWICEU Project

The Grade 11 Biology class concluded their participation in the science project SWICEU 2022.  By conducting two laboratory sessions on Tuesday and Friday,  these students finished the process of culturing soil samples to find antibiosis, an indicator of its potential use to develop future medicines.

“This edition seems promising,” Ms. Carolina Nonay informs. “Students have obtained a larger number of samples with antibiosis than ever before.”  

From now on, our students will work on different projects to raise awareness on the antibiotic resistance issue and the importance of using antibiotics adequately. Their projects will be presented to the other participants of the SWI Project at the Culminating Symposium that will take place in May at the CEU-Cardenal Herrera campus.

Students Reviewing Soil Cultures

ASV students have enjoyed “the experience of participating in an enriching and globally-relevant investigation” and have had a lot of fun playing an escape game designed to reinforce the concepts acquired during the project. 

SWICEU has completed its fifth edition since its launch in 2018 and is a key component of the campaign led by Cardenal Herrera CEU University to raise awareness on the challenge of bacteria getting resistant to antibiotics.  ASV is one of the five local schools joining the search for soil samples through lab sessions.

SWICEU Team and ASV Participants

Thanks to Ms. Carolina Nonay and Dr. Irma García (ASV Science teachers) and Dr. Beatriz Suay (researcher at UCH CEU) for coordinating this year’s sessions.

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