Field Hockey Friendly Gathering with Caxton college

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, thirty students from Grade 7 of Caxton College visited our campus to play several friendly games against our Field Hockey teams of 6 to 8 Grades. Students playing in local teams such as CH Xaloc also joined the event.

It was a great experience for all students, all of them enjoyed and played eight (8) games in total finishing with a mixed game of boys and girls.

This event was organised by ASV because in the near future we would like Field Hockey to be part of the VIS Cup (Valencia International School’s Cup) tournaments, which involves eight (8) bilingual schools in the area.

What Coaches Said

“It has been an amazing experience for our students, who started doing Hockey only two weeks ago. They have learned a lot and by the end of the day we can tell they have grown a lot in this sport” (James Yareham, Caxton PE teacher)

“We love to invite schools to our campus, our students learn and enjoy! Caxton College is only ten minutes away and we have a very good relationship with them. We will continue to organizesport gatherings in the near future with them for sure!” (Ms Escarlata Casas, ASV+ Coordinator)

“The tournament was definitely a success. For most of the ASV girls this was the first time playing hockey as a game, and they give it their all, they fought really hard. I think it was a very positive experience for everyone involved.”(Amanda Bird. ASV+ Girls’ Field Hockey Coach)

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