Farewell to Long Serving ASV Staff Members

Retired teacheras

With the completion of the 2019-2020 academic year for teachers on June 26, the ASV community would like to say farewell and best wishes to five well-known and respected staff members who are retiring after many years at ASV: Ms. Chelo Roig, Mr. Miguel Pompa, Ms. Julianne Stall, Mr. Mervin Eyler, and Ms. Fe Valero. Collectively, these staff members have dedicated 145 years of service to ASV and its community . . . an astounding accomplishment.

Their long-standing service has had an important impact on ASV (Ms. Chelo was a founding staff member of the school) and the varied roles they have had at ASV, including teaching and supporting thousands of students over their careers. On behalf of the entire ASV community, we would like to thank them for their long and dedicated careers and wish them continued happiness and success.  All the best!

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