Families with children in Elementary School attend the first edition of ASV+ Sport Day

Two months after the start of ASV+, the new extracurricular activities program for Preschool and Elementary, American School of Valencia organized an encounter for children enrolled in the sport activities of Elementary. The event gathered 84 students with their families. Players performed special training sessions and an exhibition match and parents attended a formative workshop.

“The purpose of the day was for our families gather, for them to meet the coaches and see them play, and learn what they achieved until now”, ASV+ Coordinator Escarlata Casas declared.

The day started at the ASV Sports Hall where Ms. Casas gave an opening talk and introduced ASV+ coaches to the families. Then the two basketball groups performed their training in this facility while multisports, soccer and field hockey groups moved to the ASV parks. Around these areas parents gathered and had the opportunity to watch the practices.


How to support your child’s sport development

The schedule included a parents workshop focused on how to support children during their sport development with two invited speakers: Mr. José María Server, Technical Director of the Valencia Field Hockey Federation, and Mr. Vladimir Babic, former basketball player and first coach of C.B. Jovens Almàssera.

Mr. Server used his experience as national coach and sports manager to point out the benefits of a varied sport experience on children and how parents play a major role in the sport developmental process. Mr. Babic invited parents to promote independence throughout sports, highlighting the importance of having fun while they practise.


Integration of Sports in School Life

ASV+Day speakers valued the higher presence of sports in the ASV community inside the school timetable thanks to initiatives like ASV+, the new programs which enrich the students’ curriculum. “It is important that children will be able to practise sport within the school day”, Mr. Serve declared. “It is true that teenagers face higher demands, both on sports and school, but I think they can deal with them being organized”, Mr. Babic declare.

At the end of the morning parents and coaches shared a nice time having some snacks and refreshments after the exhibition matches.

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