Facility Enhancements to Reinforce the Health and Safety Protocols

In May 2020, the school carried out facility enhancements aimed to improve the safety, health, and hygiene conditions required to control the Coronavirus. Upon the completion of the work completed on the roof over the Theater, the school has upgraded the Atrium’s air conditioning system to improve the airflow recycling capacity.

Additionally, the extended period without onsite classes has provided an opportunity to begin the renovation of all of the restrooms in the main building, as well as repairing the theater seats and the theater stage.  LED lights powered by solar energy have also been installed along the outdoor sidewalk and parking area to provide for additional safety and illumination at night and for security cameras.

Safety and Protective Partitions

The contingency plan for phase 2 includes the placement of new signs with information and reminders about physical distancing and safety, health and hygiene procedures.  Transparent partitions have also been installed  where there is interaction between workers and visitors (Main Office, Dining Halls) or among students (Atrium).

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