Expanding the Infirmary Service

The exceptional measures required by the COVID-19 pandemic and the responsibility of the school nurse in the prevention and control of possible outbreaks has necessitated the expansion of the infirmary and infirmary services by contracting a second full-time school nurse, Ms. Jorgelina Bruno,  to support Ms. Inma Requena in the infirmary during school hours.

In addition and as required by the COVID-19 contingency plans, the school has created an isolation room next to the existing infirmary.

American School of Valencia has had a school nurse since 1996. This profile has performed a very valuable service in caring for students, supervising the lunch service for those with dietary restrictions, and developing multiple health programs. Under the impact of COVID-19, Ms. Inma’s work becomes more important and reassures the school community of its commitment to a safe learning environment.

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