ESC Tennis Tournament

The ESC Tennis tournament proved to be an incredible experience for many members of the ASV community for a number of reasons. Many ASV families hosted children from 5 visiting International Schools which brought our guest into contact with not only the ASV tennis team but many our ASV children. These children from all over the world impressed with their manners, behaviour, and level of English.


The ASV team showed incredible commitment in preparing for the tournament including training on Sunday morning and even coming together to train on a Sunday without staff supervision. In the tournament itself the team produced excellent tennis and equally important, incredible team spirit and support for one and another. Everyone really pushed themselves to contribute.

The spirit of the tournament was wonderful and once again showed how important these type of events are in exposing ASV students to a truly International setting. The tournament offers wonderful opportunities for our students to work on the ASV core values and profile of the ASV graduate. The team managed a truly exceptional result in winning this tournament which had been won for the three previous years in succession by the International School of Lausanne. Once again ASV have shown that they can compete at a very high level of International Sports Competition and this victory ranks alongside the winning to the 2016 AMAC soccer tournament!

A huge thank you must go to Rhona Stapleton for helping with running of the tournament over the two days.  I would also like to thank Kristy Beam and Scarlett Casas for helping with airport collection and supervision our guest teams and coaches. Thanks as always to the office and support staff with the extra work that these events create and the teaching staff for their flexibility and understanding of how involvement in these events benefit the academic progress of ASV students.

We thank Monasterios Club for the use of their wonderful facilities. A special thanks to the many ASV parents involved in this event, particularly Maya Schaller and Anja Gerken who played a major part in ASV and Monasterios Club coming together for the tournament.


The ASV team consisted of

Carlos Vicente (Captain. Grade 11) – Boys Singles Champion and Tournament Most Valuable Male player.

Juan Martin (Grade 10) & Marc Tomás (Grade 9) – Boys Doubles 1 Champions

Pablo Martin (Grade 10) & Alvaro Rodriguez (Grade 11) – Boys Doubles 2 – Champions

Raquel Lopez (Grade 8) –  Girls Singles Third Place

Kamila Gimatdinova (Grade 11) & Eva Lopez (Grade 11) – Girl’s Doubles 1 Third place

Neus Forner (Grade 11) & Maria Esteban (Grade 10) – Girl’s Doubles 2 Third place

Reserves – Alberto Gutierrez (Grade 9) and Guillermo Rosell (Grade 10)


1ST American School of Valencia 69
2ND International School of Lausanne 63
3RD American School of Barcelona 42
4TH American School of Milan 27
5TH International School of Geneva 21
6TH International School of Zug and Luzern 9

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