News from our friends in Kapita School in Zambia!

The new school building is coming along slowly. Heavy rains make it difficult to build as the trucks and construction equipment cannot get through the dirt roads when there is flooding, but they hope it will be finished before 2016. They have not been able to drill a well near the school so must bring water for the construction as well as to supply water to the school from a nearby community well. This means that we will need to install an underground pump in the well and pipes.
Because the new building is taking so long, students and teachers are forced to continue classes in the old building. Some of the walls have caved in and the school is left with only two classrooms for 309 students. Learning does not stop even if they do not have a school building.

Pen pal letters from ASV 4th Grade were given out last month to the Kapita students. They were thrilled to receive letters from our students and have written back to their ASV penpals who are now in 5th grade.

Kapita school needs books for the new school. Through money made at the Read-a-thon and the bake sales ASV has helped provide books and some of the building needs. From the beginning of our work with Kapita to now we have bought uniforms for all the students in 2014 and in 2015 helped with school books for language. ASV is also helping, along with Fundacion Livingstone to bring Mr. Gilbert Mwale here to Valencia the first week of December. He will be able to speak to ASV students and teachers first hand about Kapita School.

The goal this year is to send teachers again to Kapita in the summer of 2016 and to continue to provide them with educational materials and teacher training. We are starting our fundraising this month with weekly Bake sales and other planned activities before Mr. Mwale´s visit. We invite the ASV community to look at these updates on the notice board in the ASV main entrance.