Festive Baskets for Pasalo Puzol

This is the third year we have held this special campaign in partnership with Pásalo Puzol to provide a festive basket for local families with very few resources.

As with previous years each class will be given a family to make a basket for (we are still waiting for this information). Each class will receive a letter from one of the families about themselves and their situation.

Elementary and Preschool are creating food baskets for the families and High School will do a special gift box of toiletries. Whilst we realize that you like to give we would like to encourage you to donate items of quality and over quantity.The idea is to give a gift as we are not donating to a family’s everyday supplies.  The deadline for completion is Tuesday, December 15, 2015. We will deliver them on Thursday, December 17.

ASV CAS Coordinators

Ms. Jackie Paarhuis

Mr. Marc Boyer