Engaging Science Activities in High School

Several groups in High School recently enjoyed interesting science activities organized by the ASV Science Department. They are:

The Group 4 Presentations

Grade 11 Science groups had the final stage of the interdisciplinary activity known Group 4 Project: the presentation of their researchs. On Tuesday and Wednesday, at the Theater, each team offered a presentation summing up their research on art and science and the results achieved during the recent Investigation Day.

The SWICEU 2.0 Research Project

This project, addressed to the Grade 11 Biology class, involves  American School of Valencia and Cardenal Herrera CEU University and is part of an international project to find microorganisms with antibiotic capacity known as the Small World Initiative (SWI).

Cardenal Herrera students will teach ASV students to take soil samples and  prepare cultures of bacteria. “Students finding colonies on their plates will isolate the microorganisms and evaluate their effectiveness against those bacteria causing infections that WHO has warned about,” representatives of the SWICEU team described.

ASV was one of the schools joining the first edition of SWICEU and the experience was highly enriching and productive. The activity offers a hands-approach and invites to learn more about scientific careers such as Biology and Chemistry.

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