This year, our school assemblies will revolve around the theme of our school commitments. These are: Be Respectful, Come Prepared, Be Engaged, and Be Responsible. Each classroom will host an assembly in which students will model what these behaviors look like in various parts of the school. Examples include the park, bus, and dining hall.

We made some adjustments to the structure of the assemblies to make them topical and engaging. Please consider attending these events, the students will be excited to see you in the audience.

Assembly Schedule 2015-2016. Fridays 9:50-10:25
SEPT 25, 2015 Grades 4-6 Mr. Fernie Bus
OCT 2, 2015 Grades 1-3 Ms. Lima Hallway
OCT 16, 2015 Grades 4-6 Mr. Stapleton Dining Hall
OCT 23, 2015 Grades 1-3 Ms. Chelo Theater
NOV 6, 2015 Grades 4-6 Mr. MacLarty Hallway
NOV 20, 2015 Grades 1-3 Ms. Kate Dining Hall
FEB 5, 2016 Grades 4-6 Ms. Mary Park
FEB 12, 2016 Grades 1-3 Ms. Soraya Park
FEB 19, 2016 Grades 4-6 Ms. Ruth Theater
FEB 26, 2016 Grades 1-3 Ms. Deanna Bus
MAR 4, 2016 Grades 4-6 Ms. BethAnn Bathroom
APR 8, 2016 Grades 1-3 Ms. Amanda Library