El País Describes the ASV Teaching Methods

Communication, analysis and critical thinking are three skills developed by the ASV teaching methods. The ASV experience offering a school curriculum which promotes these and other skills needed for being a life-long learner in the 21st century has been described on a special news supplement published by the Spanish newspaper El País on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

The supplement is an annual issue on schools and education in Spain and every year features relevant educational experiences led by schools operating in the Valencian Community, such ASV in 2021.

Our school is part of a news report which is titled “El memorizar se va a acabar” and reflects on the role of memorization and the debate on the renovation of the curriculum in Primary and Secondary schools in Spain. The text includes an interview with our Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Amanda Bird.

Find the online version here: El memorizar se va a acabar (El País. Saturday, April 24, 2021)

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