Creativity, Action, and Service, At Home!

Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) are key concepts at the heart of the IB Program’s core that all IB students are familiar with. Students are required to show perseverance and commitment as they strive to meet the CAS objectives of ‘taking risks’, ‘collaborating with others’, and ‘exercising ethical choices’ and ‘global awareness’.

The past ten weeks have presented particularly new challenges for all of us and for the Grade 11 IB students and taking CAS at home was added to the lis of challenges. However, many have made some achievements and have thought of some new ideas that are worth noting on the school news section.

Growing Vegetables, Literature on Youtube, and much more

Jordi K was inspired by his empty yard and perhaps the extra gardening that was happening around the globe widely reported to grow some ‘green thumbs’. Jordi K says: “My goal is to create a sustainable food source for my family while also having fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a very hard project as I am going it alone learning all about how to do it online.”

Kristina K has become her own producer and presenter on her very own Youtube channel about literature reviews. “The point of the “club” is to encourage people to read more, through recommending books that they could potentially be interested in. My goal with this project is to create content that I am satisfied with, commit to a decided upload schedule, improve my editing and reading skills as well as my public speaking skills.” Her passion for literature combined with her various other artistic projects is truly inspirational.

Next Henry H who is an accomplished swimmer has set exercise challenges for himself and peers which include ‘push ups’ and ‘pull ups’. Henry says ‘A group of friends and I decided to challenge ourselves and do various physical activities for a predetermined amount of reps for an entire month every single day. This was mainly due to our desire to continue to work and improve on our athletic prowess since most of us are active athletes.’

As an extension of a ‘Reading Buddy Activity’ led by Sara D and Aroa G which was happening at ASV Sofia H and Raquel G have communicated with elementary teachers to get access to their Epic online resources to begin recording audiobooks to be shared with the children while they are now at home.

Finally Fernando T has written a 133 page screenplay for a film. Yes 133 pages. Fernando explains ‘After the planning of the storyline, being conscious of my very limited knowledge on film and screenwriting, I knew the second step of the process would have to be the research. I concluded that the best option would be teaching myself via YouTube videos or other online tutorials how screenplay format works, how to write dialogue or action, how to make a story work, and what makes a screenplay successful.’ To make it entirely official he learned about copyrights and had the screenplay registered as his very own intellectual property. ‘When the final draft was complete and the screenplay had a title, the last step was to register the intellectual property of the work. On May 12th, 2020, I registered the Santa Cruz screenplay.’

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