Creative Curriculum in Nursery – PreKinder 2

Over the last few years Preschool has been refining and enriching their curriculum and assessment. The transition started with a shift in assessment with Teaching Strategies GOLD.  Then teachers received professional development to deepen curriculum units.

This year PreKinder 1 and 2 started the year with Creative Curriculum First 6 Weeks unit to build a strong classroom community. On January PreKinder 1 began a Buildings Study and PreKinder 2 the Simple Machines Study.  In each of these units learning of science, social studies, literacy and math are integrated. Students also ask questions and use thinking skills to investigate, make predictions, solve problems and test our ideas.

PreKinder 1 – The Buildings Study

Young children are curious about the world around them and ask questions about different things that they see while moving around their community. In the Buildings study students hone in on this curiosity and explore the buildings that the children see on a daily basis (ex. Home, school). The unit deepens to study what happens inside these buildings and learning about the community around us and how these buildings are made.

“It is fun to see the kids exploring “buildings” through fairy tales and center time” (PK1 teacher)

PreKinder 2 – Simple Machines Study

We use simple machines every day and in more ways than you can imagine!  Children are curious about how these machines work and what they do! In the Simple Machines study, children experiment with levers, pulleys, wheels and ramps. The classes have been conducting mini-experiments with ramps, exploring simple machines around the school and investigating with other teachers. This science-based unit is enriched through math, literacy and social studies.

“We were impressed when our child came home one afternoon talking about pulleys, levers and incline planes, and using them as she played. She even used a cutting board as a ramp and understood what makes something speed up or slow down! Physicists in the making!” (PreKinder 2 Parent)

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