Parents and students reading

Cozy Up and Read Family Events

Over 475 family members of students in Preschool and Elementary School participated with their children in the new Cozy Up and Read events that were held on Thursday, November 17 and Friday, November 18, 2022.

Preschool family members enjoyed reading in both English and Spanish with their children. Teachers were modeling the importance of Read Alouds as a cornerstone of literacy development for young children, and a variety of reading activities were enjoyed by children and their parents. A special guest even attended, also known as the Fairy Godmother (Ms. Maribel Flox) and ensured some creative read-alouds for the students.

Elementary parents and family members enjoyed participating in a variety of reading activities with their children in the classroom as well as in other parts of the campus. Students were very excited to show off their reading skills and celebrate their learning with parents!

This event was a great way to celebrate how proud we are of all our readers and their ongoing achievements and we were so pleased to have so many family members also showing their support with their participation! Great job everyone!

Book Fair

ASV also hosted the Pre-Holiday Book Fair for all parents and students in Preschool and Elementary. ASV partnered with Leolo Bookshop to provide the opportunity for parents to ensure their children had some interesting new books to read during the upcoming Winter Holiday Break!

Books were available in both English and Spanish, and in a wide range of reading levels. We hope they bring many hours of reading enjoyment to your children.

A big Thank You to all of the parents who donated a book to the Library and to Ms. Blasco, our Library Assistant, for organizing the event!

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