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Congratulations, Ms. Corell!

Spanish and Valencian Language teacher Ms. Mariví Corell Retires After 23 Years Teaching at ASV

Ms. Mariví Corell, a member of the Middle School and High School Faculty is retiring in January 2024 after a long and distinguished 23 year career as a Spanish Language and Literature teacher at ASV. Ms. Corell received a special tribute during the traditional Staff Holiday Celebration held on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

The entire faculty-staff gathered to express its gratitude to Ms. Corell’s remarkable professionalism and commitment to her students and the ASV community. In heartfelt speeches, Mr. Josep V. Frechina and Mr. Michael Smith, described the values that Ms. Mariví has consistently exemplified, both as a teacher and as an integral member of the ASV family. Joining these sentiments, Ms. Cristina Jofre presented a set of gifts from the faculty-staff as a token of their appreciation for the mark she has left on the ASV community.

In 23 years, over 1,000 ASV students have benefited from Ms. Mariví’s experiences in teaching multiple grade levels in Middle School and High School Spanish and Valencian Language. She has played a key role as an IB teacher leading the Spanish Language and Literature courses in the IB Diploma Program. In a short speech, she shared her feelings of being blessed by having the opportunity of serving a caring community and a committed group of educators.

We wish Ms. Marví an enjoyable and well-deserved retirement.

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