Competing for the Field Hockey Women’s First Division

Xaloc Girls’ Senior Team qualified for the Final Series (Fase de Ascenso) for the Spanish Field Hockey Women’s 1st Division, a competition played from May 25 to 28 in Terrassa. The team completed an outstanding playoff and finished leader with 2 wins and 1 tie. They were defeated 1-0 by Línia 22 in the final game.

“We competed high and played a final game in which there were small differences between our team and the rival”, coach Andrés Sigalat told to ASV Voices. “Unfortunately, there was a decisive penalty-stroke when we were finishing the third time”.

María Domingo (10th grade), who actually plays with Xaloc U18 team, was part of the senior team in this important event. “She scored two goals against San Fernando, which were decisive because we finally won 3-2”, Sigalat remarked.

Xaloc team came back with an individual reward: the MVP award for Ainoa Civera. Coaches are convinced that the outstanding work done this year is an great starting point for 2017-2018.

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