Coach Gómez Works with the Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Team

We are pleased to announce that coach Raúl Gómez, ASV+ field hockey coach, is participating in the training planned for the Spanish’ Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Team in Sierra Nevada in order to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This training stage takes place in the High Performance facilities that the CSD (the top institution managing sports in Spain) has in Sierra Nevada, Granada, 2300 meters above sea level, which are designed to take advantage of the benefits of height training.

As team leader, Mr. Gómez is coordinating the logistical and material needs of an expedition consisting of 23 players and five coaches. The work plan combines physical training in the CAR and technical and tactics training over the court in Armilla, near Granada.

Mr. Gómez combines his work at ASV and Xaloc Hockey Club with these responsibilities in the Spanish Hockey Federation, where he is also a video analyst. Tokyo 2020 will be his second Olympic experience. On Tuesday January 21, they will travel to Mar del Plata (Argentina).

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