ASV group at UCH campus

Closure of the 2022 SWICEU

The Grade 11 Biology class involved in the 2022 edition of SWICEU visited Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU on May 13 to attend the official closing ceremony of the project. The event included presentations made by each participant school. “Each school had to present a project they made relating to microbiology and antibiotics,” Dominc V. describes. “We presented a short movie based on antibiotic resistance,” he adds.

SWICEU is a collaborative project addressed to finding microorganisms with potential antibiotic properties. Undergraduate students at UCH CEU coordinate lab research with High School students in which soil samples are collected and cultured. The ASV sessions took place in February and March. This year, SWICEU has been able to find 70 strains with antibiosis capacity.

Congratulations to Ms. Carolina Nonay, Dr. Irma García, and the Grade 11 Biology students for their efforts.

SWICEU 2022: ASV Video on Antibiotic Resistance
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